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About US

Our Concept

traveler without luggage and airplane

Leave your Luggage Behind and Enjoy the Journey

Our Goal

We envision a world where everyone can travel without any luggage.
In such a world, voyagers can enjoy stress-free, eco-friendly travel.

Clothing share, circuler economy

Our Story

fuji at sunset

The three essentials for life are food, clothing, and shelter.
When it comes to travel, you can easily access local restaurants for meals and stay in local hotels for accommodation.
However, clothing remains the only element that people need to bring with them from home.

Why is that?

Any Wear, Anywhere was founded on this simple question.
If local clothing were just as readily available as as food and lodging, perhaps people could be free from all the concerns and hassle that comes with travel such as packing and dragging a heavy suitcase around, dealing with the post-trip laundry, and feeling guilty for the amount of carbon emitted by the flight itself.

We believe that Any Wear, Anywhere can initiate a movement for creating a world where,
just like meals and hotels, utilizing local clothing options becomes the new norm.

Our History

history of AWAW


We're a small group of professionals at Sumitomo Corporation who are passionate about travel and sustainability. We hope that this service will help make your trip to Japan more fun while having a smaller impact on the environment. Thank you for checking out Any Wear Anywhere!

Any Wear Anywhere in the Media

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