Lewati Konten

Community Guideline

Sumitomo Corporation ("the Company”) sets forth as follows the rules concerning the Users when they communicate with of the Official Accounts of Any Wear, Anywhere(“Official Accounts”) operated by the Company in social media (“Guideline“). In order to realize better communication, please read and agree to the following before commencing communications with the Official Accounts.
As of June 1, 2023, the Official Accounts are as follows:

Facebook:@ anywearanywhere

1. Purpose of the Official Accounts
The Company opens and operates the Official Accounts for the Company’s publicity purposes and for the purpose of communication with Users.

2. Compliance with the Guideline
When Users are to follow the Official Accounts, to post messages or comments, to share or like, or in any other ways transmit information (“Posts”) on or concerning the Official Accounts or to communicate with the Official Accounts in other ways, Users are asked to comply with the terms of use of the social media and the Guideline.

3. Access to Information
For the purpose of the operation of the Official Accounts and the communication with the Users, there may be cases in which the Company may view, comment on or have other access to information such as account names, profile photographs, gender, user IDs, information concerning friend lists and other networks, Posts or etc., made public by Users to all users of social media or made public to a part of users of social media including the Company.

4. No Responsibility of the Company
・The Company will take care so that the factual contents of the Company’s Posts on the Official Accounts are accurate to the best of the Company’s knowledge as of the time of the Posts, but official opinions representing the Company shall be made, in principle, on the Company’s website and in press releases. Evaluations and opinions within the Posts on the Official Accounts are the opinions and impressions of the person(s) in charge of the operation of the Official Accounts and do not necessarily constitute comments and opinions that represent the Company.
・Due to the functions of social media, there may be cases in which Users’ or other third parties’ Posts may be displayed on the Company’s Official Accounts (including the timeline of the Official Accounts) or Posts of the Company’s Official Accounts. Users’ or third parties’ Posts or all other information, excluding those posted by the Company itself, are the opinions and impressions, etc., of the Users or the third parties, and even if the Company communicates therewith, the Company assumes no liability concerning accuracy and legitimacy, etc. of the Posts.
・The Company assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to damages accrued between Users or between Users and third parties.
・The Company cannot reply to all Posts written by Users.
・The Company cannot promise to follow Users back when Users follow the Official Accounts. Further, the Company may take appropriate measures including blocking against spam accounts or other accounts which the Company regards as inappropriate.
・There may be cases in which the Official Accounts or Posts on the Official Accounts may be deleted without advance notice.
・Please make inquiries on technical problems concerning the Official Accounts and its use to each social media, not to the Company.

5. Prohibited Matters
When writing Posts on or concerning the Official Accounts or communicating with the Official Accounts in other ways, please do not write Posts that fall under the following prohibited matters. When necessary, there may be cases in which the Company may delete such Posts, block Users’ accounts, request each social media to take appropriate measures, or take other measures considered necessary and appropriate by the Company.
・Posts that can be found, from the contents, as for commercial purposes, such as advertisements and affiliates, etc.
・Posts with names of other companies, names of products of other companies and other representations of comparison with other companies
・Posts concerning religion, philosophy or principles
・Posts that include contents irrelevant to the contents of the Official Accounts (jokes, meaningless strings of characters, scripts, etc.)
・Posts regarding private information (email address, telephone number, address and etc.)
・Posts of impersonation, that is, the posts using the names, account names, etc., of third parties
・Posts of secrets and still undisclosed facts, etc. of the Company, or any other contents that might be understood as such
・Acts that can be found as going against the terms of use of each social media or this Guideline
・Other acts that infringe the rights (copyrights, trademark rights, image rights, etc.) of other parties, acts annoying to other Users (obscene, violent, brutal expressions, discriminatory expressions, etc.) and other acts that interfere with the Company’s smooth operation of the Official Accounts, that disturb other parties and that are found as inappropriate.

6. Ownership of Rights
Copyrights and other rights concerning Posts of the Official Accounts belong to the Company and the right holder acknowledged by the Company. The Official Accounts does not warrant or make any representations regarding the information on the Posts and comments on or concerning the Official Accounts in terms of its correctness, accuracy, and completeness. Rights concerning Facebook® and other marks belong to the holder of such trademark rights.

7. Changes to the Guideline
The Company may make changes to this Guideline by posting the Guideline after such changes on its official website.

8. Privacy Policy
In the event that personal information is to be obtained from Users in connection with the Official Accounts, such information shall be appropriately managed based on the terms of use of the social media, the Guideline, and our Privacy Policy.

9. Inquiries concerning the Official Accounts
Please make inquiries concerning the Official Accounts via "Contact Us."

10. Language
The Official Accounts and the Company will communicate with Users in English when the Company believes that such Users may understand English.
This Guideline is written in English and translated in other languages. When these translated versions are in conflict, the English version shall prevail.

Enacted on June 1, 2023